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OFTC Directory - North Campus

Full Name Telephone Title Location Department
 Aaron, Kathy    478-553-2148    Executive Director of IA North    Sandersville    Presidents Office  
 Adams, Saketha Q    478-553-2080    Dean, Student Enrollment    Sandersville    Student Affairs  
 Ansley, Jessica    478-240-5177    Recruiter    Sandersville    Student Affairs  
 Avrett, Lauren (Jennie)    478-553-2058    Technician, Accounting    Sandersville    Administrative Services  
 Barnes, Bonita        Instructor, Adult Education    Sandersville    Adult Education  
 Boyd, Krista N.    478-553-2053    Technician, AP/HR    Sandersville    Administrative Services  
 Brown, Saketta    478-240-5174    Coordinator, Career Svs & Disability    Sandersville    Student Affairs  
 Callaway, Kaitlin J.    478-553-2100    Instructor, CNA/HCA    Sandersville    Allied Health  
 Clements, Geri    478-553-2066    Student Navigator    Sandersville    Student Affairs  
 Collins, Julian    478-232-8681    Maintenance Technician-North    Sandersville    Facilities  
 Cooper, Patricia    478-553-2444    Coordinator, Workforce Investment Act    Sandersville    Workforce Investment  
 Croome, Elizabeth    478-240-5168    Coordinator, Grants    Sandersville    Institutional Effectiveness  
 Daniel, Tiffany    478-553-2087    Division Chair, Arts&Sciences North    Sandersville    Arts & Sciences/Learning Support  
 Darrisaw, Tracey    478-240-5175    Specialist, Data Entry-Adult Ed    Sandersville    Adult Education  
 David, Kimberly J.    478-240-5157    VP, Economic Development    Sandersville    Economic Development  
 Denton, Mary    478-240-5147    Darton College Instructor    Sandersville    Darton College  
 Dunn, Pam    478-553-2064    Assistant, Admissions North    Sandersville    Student Affairs  
 Gunder, Georgina D.    478-553-2140    Receptionist-North    Sandersville    Student Affairs  
 Hammock, Susan Garrett    478-240-5162    Coordinator, Special POPS/Student Life    Sandersville    Student Affairs  
 Harden, Erica    478-553-2068    VP, Academic/Student Affairs    Sandersville    Academic/Student Affairs  
 Harris, Sherri    478-553-2089    Assistant Director, Library Services    Sandersville    Library  
 Harrison, Jim    478-553-2108    Director, Facilities North    Sandersville    North Maintenance/Bldg & Grounds  
 Hartley, David    478-553-2093    Specialist, Assessment    Sandersville    Student Affairs  
 Horadan, Lloyd    478-553-2060    President    Dublin/Sandersville    Presidents Office  
 Horton, Beverli    478-240-5140    Instructor, Psychology    Sandersville    Arts & Sciences/Learning Support  
 Horton, Coy    478-553-2121    Instructor, Industrial Maintenance    Sandersville    T and I/Transportation  
 Johnson, Janice    478-553-2147    Technician, Accounting    Sandersville    Administrative Services  
 Johnson, Marla    478-553-2071    Darton College    Sandersville    Darton College  
 Jolley, Tanya    478-553-2111    Coordinator, Tarbutton Center    Sandersville    Tarbutton Center  
 Jordan, Alexander    478-274-7873    Specialist, Technology Support    Sandersville    Information Technology Services  
 Jordan, Annie    478-553-2086    Assistant, Administrative Support    Sandersville    Allied Health Services  
 Kitchens, Penny    478-553-2057    Director, Administrative Services    Sandersville    Administrative Services  
 Lawson, Dawn    478-553-2051    Coordinator, Instructional    Sandersville    Academic Affairs  
 Lawson, Stan    478-553-2122    Division Chair, Business Services    Sandersville    Business Services  
 Layfield, Laura    478-553-2078    Instructor, Computer Info Systems    Sandersville    Business Services  
 Lee, Jason B    478-232-8681    Technician, Maintenance, North    Sandersville    North Maintenance/Bldg & Grounds  
 Loose Sugar    478-240-5151        Sandersville      
 McDonald, Lynn J.    478-553-2059    Technician, Payroll    Sandersville    Administrative Services  
 McNutt, Suann    478-553-2099    Instructor, PN/HCA    Sandersville    Allied Health  
 Miller, Barbara    478-240-5147    Darton College Instructor    Sandersville    Darton College  
 Mixon, Barry    478-553-2457    Instructor, Mine Safety    Sandersville      
 Oneal, Sharon    478-553-2056    Director, Human Resources    Sandersville    Administrative Services  
 Parnell, Lori    478-553-2106    Technician, Accounting    Sandersville    Bookstore  
 Poss, Lauren    478-553-2145    Instructor, English/Learning Support    Sandersville    Arts & Sciences/Learning Support  
 Price, Debbie    478-553-2098    Coordinator, High School    Sandersville    Academic Affairs  
 Radford, Diane    478-553-2131    Specialist, Financial Aid    Sandersville    Student Affairs  
 Raley, Emily G.    478-240-5143    Director, Marketing    Sandersville    Administrative Services  
 Scott, Karen    478-274-7873    Specialist, Technical Support    Sandersville    Information Technology Services  
 Selby, Rosemary    478-553-2055    VP, Administrative Services    Sandersville    Administrative Services  
 Simmons, Tony    478-553-2113    Instructor, Welding North    Sandersville    T and I/Transportation  
 Stewart, Mark    478-553-2112    Division Chair, T&I/Transportation, Ind System    Sandersville    T and I/Transportation  
 Strickland, Michele    478-553-2097    Dean, Arts & Science/Business Services    Sandersville    Academic Affairs  
 Tanner, RaShaun    478-553-2050    Adjunct Instructor, Adult Ed, Wilkinson County    Sandersville    Adult Education  
 Thigpen, Jennifer    478-240-5161    Registrar    Sandersville    Student Affairs  
 Thigpen, Leslie    478-553-2088    Division Chair, Allied Health Sciences    Sandersville    Allied Health Services  
 Todd, Jennifer    478-553-2077    Instructor, Adult Education    Sandersville    Adult Education  
 Usry, Connie    478-553-2063    Assistant, Admissions    Sandersville    Student Affairs  
 Warren, Jodi    478-240-5146    Darton College Instructor    Sandersville    Darton College  
 Warthen, Wykesha L.    478-553-2110    GED Examiner, North    Sandersville    Adult Education  
 Wilbanks, Ashley    478-274-7873    Director, Information Technology    Sandersville    Information Technology Services  
 Wilbanks, John    478-553-2441    Instructor, Mine Safety    Sandersville    Mine Safety  
 Williford, Angel    478-553-2116    Instructor, Math North    Sandersville    Arts & Sciences/Learning Support  
 Yarbrough, Angie    478-240-5163    Instructor, Business Technology    Sandersville    Business Services  
 Young, Betty    478-553-2090    Director, Financial Aid    Sandersville    Student Affairs