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OFTC Directory - South Campus

Full Name Telephone Title Location Department
 Atkins, Glin    478-274-7848    Assistant, Adult Education, South    Dublin    Adult Education  
 Barfoot, Lydia    478-274-7786    Specialist, Assessment    Dublin    Student Affairs  
 Barlow, Janet    478-274-7916    Assistant, Administrative Support-BAT    Dublin    Business Services  
 Bayto, Tammy    478-274-7852    Dean, Allied Health/Professional Svcs    Dublin    Academic Affairs  
 Bland, Connie    478-274-7839    Coordinator, Instructional-Allied Health/T&I    Dublin    T and I/Transportation  
 Braxton, Kelley S.    478-275-5195    Clinical Coordinator, Respiratory    Dublin    Allied Health Services  
 Brinson, Denise    478-274-7773    Division Chair, Clinical Cord, Rad Tech    Dublin    Allied Health Services  
 Brogdon, G. Rene    478-275-5987    Instructor, LPN    Dublin    Allied Health Services  
 Bryan, Jan    478-274-7940    Technician, Financial Aid    Dublin    Student Affairs  
 Byrd, Roger    478-275-5988    Manager, Business & Industry    Dublin    BIS/Continuing Education  
 Carver III, John David    478-296-6186    Instructor, EMT    Dublin    Allied Health Services  
 Christian, Joyce    478-274-7737    Technician, Accounting    Dublin    Administrative Services  
 Clark, Gail    478-274-7799    Instructor, ECCE    Dublin    Professional Services  
 Coneway, Raydor    478-296-6143    Director, Admissions    Dublin    Student Affairs  
 Copenny, Jacqueline    478-274-7855    Division Chair, Business Services South    Dublin    Business Services  
 Corbin, Kevin    478-296-6197    Division Chair, Professional Services South    Dublin    Professional Services  
 Cosson, Brian    478-274-7873    Specialist, Technical Support    Dublin    Information Technology Services  
 Crafton, Teresa    478-274-7833    Assistant Director, Financial Aid    Dublin    Student Affairs  
 Crooke, Maria    478-274-7652    Instructor, Psychology    Dublin    Arts & Sciences/Learning Support  
 Daniels, Blake (Robert)    478-274-7771    Director, Accounting    Dublin    Administrative Services  
 Davis, Katie    478-274-7775    VP, Facilities, Plan & Research    Dublin    Institutional Effectiveness  
 Davis, Patti    478-274-7627    Assistant, Administrative Support    Dublin    Institutional Effectiveness  
 Dixon, Lynn    478-274-7932    Instructor, Business Technology    Dublin    Business Services  
 Duggins, Beth    478-296-6114    Instructor, Business Technology    Dublin    Business Services  
 Fisher, Belinda    478-274-7853    Instructor, Business Technology    Dublin    Business Services  
 Freeman, Johnnie    478-275-6589    Custodian, South    Dublin    Facilities  
 Garner, Bertie    478-274-7848    Specialist, Data Entry    Dublin    SC Adult Education  
 Garnto, Kristen    478-274-7859    Division Chair, Arts & Sciences/Instructor, Math    Dublin    Arts & Sciences/Learning Support  
 Garrett, Debbie    478-274-7761    Office Assistant, Registrar    Dublin    Student Affairs  
 Gillis, Laura    478-275-6518    IE Coordinator    Dublin    Institutional Effectiveness  
 Green, Ragan    478-274-7865    Director, Facilities South    Dublin    South Maintenance/Bldg & Grounds  
 Gurr, Brenda    478-274-7885    Instructor, Medical Assisting    Dublin    Allied Health Services  
 Hall, David    478-274-7945    Instructor, Machine Tool Technology    Dublin    T and I/Transportation  
 Hayes, Paula    478-274-7846    Technician, Accounting    Dublin    Administrative Services  
 Hicks, Denise    478-274-7649    Receptionist-South    Dublin    Student Affairs  
 Hobbs, Robbie    478-274-7765    Coordinator, High School-South    Dublin    Academic Affairs  
 Horadan, Lloyd    478-553-2060    President    Dublin/Sandersville    Presidents Office  
 Howard, Jerome    478-274-7772    Specialist, Audio-Visual Tech    Dublin    Porter Conference Center  
 Jones, Dontavius A.    478-274-7763    Specialist, Student Retention    Dublin    Student Affairs  
 Jones, Dustin    478-274-7873    Specialist, Technical Support    Dublin    Information Technology Services  
 Jones, Lisa    478-274-7844    Instructor, Cosmetology    Dublin    Professional Services  
 Livingston, Kevin    478-274-7870    Division Chair, South    Dublin    T and I/Transportation  
 Marion, Lecresicia    478-274-7872    Coordinator, Learning Support, South    Dublin    Arts & Sciences/Learning Support  
 McKinnon, Evon    478-275-6589    Custodian    Dublin    Facilities  
 McLendon, Mona    478-274-7900    Instructor, Accounting Technology    Dublin    Business Services  
 McMiller Sr, Darron    478-275-6589    Custodian, South    Dublin    Facilities  
 McNeal, Brandon    478-274-7774    Instructor, CIS South    Dublin    Business Services  
 Meeks, Kim    478-274-7933    Instructor, English    Dublin    Arts & Sciences/Learning Support  
 Mixon, Tonya    478-274-7834    Assistant, Admissions South    Dublin    Student Affairs  
 Moore, Kim    478-275-5153    Manager, Bookstore    Dublin    Bookstore  
 Morris, Nathan    478-274-    Instructor, Adult Education    Dublin    Adult Education  
 Morris, Stephanie    478-274-7882    Instructor, Radiology Technology    Dublin    Allied Health Services  
 Morris, Wendi    478-296-6179    Director, Library Services    Dublin    Library  
 Morton, Ann    478-274-7840    Assistant, Administrative Support    Dublin    Allied Health Services  
 Mullis, Jay L.    478-274-7879    Dean, Student Affairs South    Dublin    Student Affairs  
 Nichols, Ranna A.    478-274-7883    Instructor, LPN, South    Dublin    Allied Health Services  
 Radney, Lee Thomas    478-274-7862    Instructor, T&I/Transportation    Dublin    T and I/Transportation  
 Rogers, Marcus Wade    478-274-7871    Coordinator, Safety & Security    Dublin    Safety & Security Services  
 Sanders, Shalesta    478-274-7770    Coordinator, Porter Conference Center    Dublin    Porter Conference Center  
 Shepherd, Jack    478-274-7743    Instructor, Pharmacy Technology    Dublin    Allied Health Services  
 Shuman, Jenny    478-296-6117    Exec Dir Institutional Advancement, South    Dublin    Presidents Office  
 Simmons, Kaneatra    478-275-5984    Instructor, Biology South    Dublin    Arts & Sciences/Learning Support  
 Simpson, Gary    478-274-7867    Instructor, Automotive    Dublin    Academic Affairs  
 Smith, Janet    478-274-7836    Director, Student Life    Dublin    Student Affairs  
 Smith, Natalie    478-274-7881    Instructor, Respiratory South    Dublin    Allied Health Services  
 Thomsen, Deborah    478-274-7863    Instructor, LPN South    Dublin    Allied Health Services  
 Veal, Katrina L.    478-275-6592    Specialist, Business & Industry    Dublin    BIS/Continuing Education  
 White, Tony    478-274-7795    Technician, Maintenance South    Dublin    South Maintenance/Bldg & Grounds  
 Williams, Roy    478-274-7794    Dean, T&I/Transportation    Dublin    Academic Affairs  
 Williams, Susan N    478-274-7845    Technician, Purchasing    Dublin    Administrative Services  
 Wilson, Jason M    478-274-7835    Administrator, Database    Dublin    Information Technology Services  
 Woodard, Maria    478-274-7837    Assistant, Admissions South    Dublin    Student Affairs  
 Wooten, Joseph    478-274-7851    Instructor, Transportation    Dublin    T and I/Transportation  
 Yearty, Sherry    478-274-7648    Distance Education Coordinator    Dublin    Academic Affairs